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December 28, 2015
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January 5, 2016

Hipster or Not – These Styles and Trends We are Going to Regret


Some of these trends and regrets can be attributed to Hipsters. Some cannot.

What started off as a joke, has become mainstream.

We started at making fun of hipster and their throwback and weird styles.

Now, from celebrities to fashion shows, hipsters have taken over.

10 years from now we are going to look back and laugh at remember these just like we did with the 90’s.


Skinny Jeans

Not just for woman anymore. The skinnier the better and if you can paint them on, you win.

skinny jeans

Dressing up like a Nerd.

Now everyone loves space, STEM, Star Wars. Big Frame glasses, suspenders and bow ties.


Knitted hat, vintage t-shirts, jean shorts, flannel = hipster girl.

Grab a Nirvana shirt with a flannel, but remember that it’s summer so wear jean shorts, but also put on a knitted hat, just in case your ears get cold…in the summer.


Don’t forget to part your hair on the side and poof it out and brush it back.

This one is attributed to Mad Men and the classic Don Draper look of the 50’s and 60’s.

sidepart brushed back

Raid your Grandpa’s closet.

Everything old is new again. The cyclical fashion style.


It’s the lumber jack nerd.

Flannel, skinny jeans, knitted winter cap and black framed glasses. You are ready to science the hell out of a tree.



The mustaches

Who thought upper lip fur was going to make a hit again? 80’s style baseball right here.


Don’t want to part your hair and brush it back?

That’s ok. Grow it long and put it in a pony tail and call it a man bun. You look like Thor.


Grab a Hat. It Doesn’t have to be knitted.

Go back to your grandpas and grab one of his nice hats.


Bow tie and Suspenders

Seems to be the latest trend. Extra points if it’s a wood bow tie and you wear a belt as well.


Need to accessorize.

Grab a handkerchief and a pocket watch.


Just get creative.

Throw together a combination breaker of all your favorites. Overalls, argyle socks, if you have it, wear it.

For it’s the battle of the hipsters, and this guys winning.


This pretty much sums it up.

Pretty much what you see if you are walking in the city, next to a craft brew and truck festival.




Let’s see how long these trends last.

I’m just excited that everyone takes pictures and uploads them so we have a nice album in about 10 years.

I know we missed neck beards, bicycles and other stuff.

What else did we miss?