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April 12, 2016

The Best Way to Increase Productivity – No hack or Secret


The Best Way to Increase Productivity

Everyone that is busy or wants to be productivity looks up hacks/shortcuts and secrets on how to boast productivity.

There are tools and techniques that can be used, but these are dependent on personalities and behaviors and habits or individuals. For example, a Pomodoro timer might work for one individual, white noise might work for another, and shutting down all communications and going into a sound deprivation room after running a mile and doing 40 push ups after performing the Wim Hoff method while eating a strict Keto diet, drinking some butter coffee with MCT Oil (Bullet-Proof) and alternating between a Cryo tank and sauna.

The number one way to increase productivity is simple: Finish up and get stuff done.

It’s simple. It’s not a revelation, however it seems it’s loss somewhere. Everyone wants to increase their productivity, but no one wants to put in the work.

Perfection is procrastination and most of the time done is better than perfect.

All of this information is not original, and stolen/compiled from various people.

Stop adding to your plate and starting finishing your plate. 

Left Dishes In Restaurant

There is this mentality of trying to do everything at once and trying to compile everything right now. Don’t worry about it. It will be there when you are done. Grab a to-do list program or start writing these ideas down. Create a backlog. You can do the various techniques of asking yourself if this is going to move you forward, you can create a 10-year plan or goals, but the most important aspect is, what are you currently working on and can you finish that?

It’s important to understand that there will always be more. There is always going to be more food. You have a fridge, there are fast food restaurants, there are grocery stores, delivery services, friends and family and you are more than capable of cooking for yourself. This is where the ideas are cheap theory comes in. Ideas are a dime a dozen and execution is everything.

Stop grabbing and start finishing.

Clear Your Plate 


This is how you increase productivity. By producing. Finishing up things, creating something that is finished for consumption. There can always be a version 2, 3, 4, and improvements. First drafts are always horrible, second drafts get better, people stand on the shoulder of giants and everything is a continuous improvement effort.

It starts within clearing your plate. Once that is done, you can grab another plate, or add to your existing plate.

Sure there might be other food that is more delicious, or that your friend has and you want, but if you want that or want more, you have to either trade or finish your plate first.

The number one way to increase productivity is to increase output, which means producing.