What we’re focused on Now:




  • Restructuring The Site
  • Creating another Business Venture

Current Learning

  • Deep Dive into JavaScript
  • Learning Drums
  • Duolingo – Esperanto Course

Album that is played for the Week

Jimmy Eats World – Clarity

Apps Being Used

  • OneNote – The best visual organizers for Notes
  • HabitBull – Track all upgrades I am currently working on
  • Podcast Addict – Able to listen to Podcasts at 1.5x speed
  • Spotify – Has all my playlists and most of the music (might switch to Google Music)
  • Evernote – The Web clipping and mobile app is far superior to OneNote
  • Trello – The greatest to-do list/KanBan board I’ve found and the sync between web/App is critical
  • Duolingo – Free Rosetta Stone
  • Pomodoro Lite – 25 minutes of work followed by 5 minutes of rest, perfect for time management
  • AnkiDroid – Space Repetition System, able to create cards on the computer and sync to phone or online instantly
  • Headspace – 10 minutes a day meditation app; if you don’t have 10 minutes a day – you need 30 minutes
  • Nike+ Running – Able to track how I’m feeling and distances I ran over time
  • Twilight – Filters out blue light for winding down at night

Challenges/Things to Research

  • Word Processing Application that combines Scrivener, WriteMonkey and Word. A plugin that allows for a cork board/sticky notes that can be rearranged.
  • A device that blocks light from being seen by someone in bed. This way I can read/watch movies on tablet without disturbing someone who needs absolute silence (not a face mask for them).
  • A way to record shower thoughts without verbalizing or writing them down, free form recording (Steven Hawking’s does not have this).