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March 12, 2016
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April 12, 2016

Please Stop Saying You Added Logic

Stop using Added Logic

Please Stop Saying You Added Logic

 If you had the pleasure of reading release notes/updates, or going to a status update meeting or listening to some people talk about enhancements or what they are doing, you probably ran into the classic line “added logic”. I don’t think I know a term that is more generic, buzz-worthy or just plain dumb, than that line. If you know any other terms that qualify, please e-mail me at contact@walkingwithcoffee.com or comment below, because I will be more than happy to listen to how and why.

These usually are made by some great project manager or product owner, or someone who is really important. They generally average a buzzword ratio of 2/5, or a 40% utilization rate. For reference, anything above 10% in a corporate setting is completely unnecessary and unbearable. Anything below 5% is recommended. 15% is generally reserved for Senior management. 20% and above is directors, c-level and above. 35% and above is for those that read too much Harvard Business Review, talk too much and get nothing done, great for meetings, not-great for productivity.

To get back to the original, “added logic” or any derivative such as “adding logic to…” or “will be adding that logic shortly”, these are redundant terms that make are stupid. They are simply plain dumb. I understand completely that you are going to be updating your code to add a functionality or to enhance a piece of software, etc. I don’t care, you sound dumb.

By using the phrase “added logic,” the assumption could be made that you didn’t have any logic before. There are many different definitions of logic, but when you boil it down, it means you thought about stuff before you did it. By saying you are going to add the logic, or added logic, that’s amazing, and I’m extremely proud of you, however it doesn’t tell me anything at all. What logic are you applying? What exactly did you have before? Why does this add value? If you are adding a functionality that will speed up processing time, just say simply that. Don’t say you added logic to speed up processing time, or added logic to fix a time-out issue. Just put it under bug fixes, or say you are working on fixing a time-out issue.

The assumption is that you are already using and adding logic. By stating you are, the assumption is that you weren’t before.

Stated that you “Added logic” is similar to stating that when you added a recipe to your cookbook and you updated your recipe with an ingredient to do something different.  Just say you added salt to your soup to make it less sweet. You could also say that you are looking to add more chocolate to the cake to make it more delicious.

If you want to increase your buzzword utilization, keep using the term “added logic”. It’s not impressive though, it states absolutely nothing and chances are you will come across as an idiot.